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A Columbus Police Badge Pendant COLLECTOR'S PIECE

Unlike other generic police badges, ours is a one-of-a-kind, exact replica of the Columbus Police Badge.  We used an original police badge to model ours and reduced it in size to make an attractive piece of jewelry. The badges measure, approximately ¾” wide, by 1” tall, not including the bail. We then personalize the badge, using your Columbus Police Badge number, or rank.

The badges are available in various precious metals and combinations of metals. An all-white, (silver color), badge is available in Sterling Silver, 10K white gold, and 14K white gold. An all-yellow badge is available in 10K yellow gold, and 14K yellow gold. The all-yellow badges are also available with the rank in place of the badge number. Two-tone badges, with the city building and number in 14K yellow gold, and the remainder of the badge in the white metal of your choice, are also available.

The badges can either be pendants,(the most popular choice), cuff links, or tie tacks. They make great gifts for that special someone for any occasion, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, etc.

Place your order today. We would be honored to have a part in making a memory!

Customer Reviews

Really hospitable, had delightful dialogue, great quality and attention to detail!

Brandon F.

I received my badge necklace today. It's beautiful. Thank you.

Mary H.

Very pleased with the repair that was done. We are so happy that we were recommended to you. 

Doug P.

Precious Metals


14k Solid Gold


Sterling Silver


10K Gold



See Our Chains Available

See the chains we have available to purchase with your pendant.  Click on the icon to view!

4 to choose from

Diamond Cut Rope
Diamond Cut Rope
Diamond Cut Spiga
Diamond Cut Spiga
Parisian Wheat
Parisian Wheat


Bev and Tom Bald Head

Behind the scenes

From 1980-2000 I worked for my father-in-law, Harry Bryson, a retired Columbus Policeman, managing his business, Bryson Loan Company. It was a pawnshop on the west side of Columbus. It was here that I learned about the jewelry business.

The business valued honesty and integrity and dealing with people the way you wanted to be treated. I like to think that I have carried that philosophy over to Overmyer Jewelers.

Since Harry was a retired policeman, many of his friends from the department would stop in the shop. I got to know many of them, and for the most part, they were just great people.

When my wife and I moved to Pataskala, we became involved in fostering and eventually adopting many children. One of our children was very ill, and we were spending a lot of time at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The demands of running a small business and spending so much time at the hospital necessitated a change. So, I started Overmyer Jewelers out of my home which afforded me the ability to better meet the demands of both business and family.

Many years later one of my daughters was on a soccer team in Pataskala. The mom of one of the players, whose husband was a S.W.A.T. officer, had lost a badge pendant that she had. She knew that I was a jeweler and approached me about getting her badge replaced. Through a friend of mine in the jewelry industry, I was able to locate a local manufacturer who had the expertise to take the actual Columbus Police badge and make an exact replica.

I didn’t want to sell anything that was of inferior quality. When I saw the first badge I was ecstatic, and I am happy to be able to offer this outstanding product.  I believe it is the finest quality badge available, and I’m sure you will also.

Columbus Police Badge Pendant Price List

Sterling Silver $325
10K Yellow Gold $850
10K White Gold $850
14K Yellow Gold $1050
14K White Gold $1050
Sterling Silver Two-tone $550
10K Two-tone $1050
14K Two-tone $1250

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A $200 deposit is required when placing an order, with the balance due upon delivery. Completion takes approximately three weeks. Thank you for your interest, in what we believe to be, the finest quality Columbus Police replica badges available.
* The deposit is connected to the credit card section of this form and is the same for any metal you choose.  

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